Monday, July 13, 2009

Automatic Posting System for Twitter


Twitter Message Management System


 I created a system where you can post your messages on twitter automatically. Enter your messages all at one time and you messages will post at twitter in every 20 minutes.  This application is mainly design for amazon affiliate. But you can use this for other purpose also.

                                                                      Login Screen


Click on upload data tab.Upload Data based on your Amazon node selection, First you have to select all the nodes and page nos. and click inset like following.

As you already defined all the nodes and day you want to post your messages, after that select one from date type dropdown box. Also user will populate automatic. select your website name, if you want you can select twitter trend also(optional), after that click submit. You created data to post in twitter, the length of message always be less the 140.



Click on Post Messages tab you will see following screen. If you will leave open this screen message will post in every 20 minutes. You can also click on post now button  to post your message immediately.



After message post you will see following screen, time last posted also when toy started:











You can edit/delete any messages if you don’t want to post by using Inset Data tab.
















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