Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fwd: My Maui Trip

Maui Trip

one day my dad went online and got us 4 tickets to maui. I was super excited. I couldn't talk aloud.When I pack my clothes I thought about the trip , is it going to be a great trip? it is going to be exciting enough? I started  packing when my mom said " you better be packed already". its the time to go to Maui. We went to LAX, when we reached there I was really scared, when we went to the Plane it took 5 hours. When we were hungry, we got food at plane.I had pretzels and apple juice.

 When we reached to Maui it was around mid-night. I was so tired, I changed and went to the bed. Next day, we went to Kaanapali beach and also saw amazing Hula dance.

it was beautiful. My sister,Dad and me went to dance withe the hula dancers, My Dad was hy so he was horrible, me and my sister enjoyed the dance also got applause from the crowd.       

  The second day in Maui we did road to Hana. It was amazing road trip, I love it, we went to twin water falls,Garden Of Eden,Waikani Falls,Waianapanapa state park and many more. I liked twin falls , it was the best of all. Then we went to home and getting ready for the bed I was watching the News , in the News they were talking about hurricane coming to Maui. I got super scared. I told my parents,they said "Do not worry we will figure something out!!" I went to bed, next day we went to see Crater. We went so high , above sky.I was scared and excited. The crater was so so great. I want to keep it, after that we went to beach after that home, again remembered about    the hurricane. I went to bed, It was time for the hurricane to hit the Maui, but the news said now it was a storm not hurricane, it will be heavy rain. I woke up the next day it was time to pack our bags. but because of heavy rain all flight got cancelled. We stuck at beautiful place. We stayed one extra day after that we flu from there to LAX. I slept.

The next morning, I woke up, We landed at LAX airport. My dad brought the car and we went home.The world will be a better place if every where like Maui.


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